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Radiant infrared heating panel – picture Radiators no longer have to be boring at all. The ra..

Radiant infrared heating panel – picture

Radiators no longer have to be boring at all. The radiant infrared heating panel in the form of a picture  is provided with high-quality digital printing.

The heating image can be in a frame made of a special PVC profile with decorative hand edging and gilding. The painting is applied to the fiberglass according to our own patented technology. Colors do not fade or disappear over time under the influence of the generated heat.

Put the electric heater on the wall

Heating images represent a new generation of heaters with unlimited life and a high heat transfer coefficient of up to 70% in the form of infrared long waves.

The remaining energy is used for convection heating of the room. First, people and objects are heated, and then heat is transferred from the objects to the air.

The unique technology has no analogues and has been steadily improving since its inception in the 1990s. Infrared heating is a modern form of heating.

We are seeing positive experiences and discussions.

Infrared panel and its advantages:

• elastic laminated fiberglass ensures 100% reliable electrical insulation

• resistant to mechanical damage, non-flammable and the material is environmentally friendly

• the radiant panel can also be used in rooms with high humidity

• radiant heating works even without supervision in constant power supply mode

• the surface of the board does not heat up to more than 90 ° C, there is no risk of burning when touched

• The thermal panel releases heat from the entire surface

• Infrared heating does not burn oxygen or dry air

• radiant panels have quiet and long-term operation

• radiant panels weigh less than 1.5 kg

• easy to install on walls and ceilings

• 30 year service life and 5 year warranty

• radiant heating saves money and electricity

• up to 25% lower costs than other electrically powered heaters

Radiant heating panels are safe

• no electromagnetic fields are generated when heating the infrared panel

• air ionization effect, el. the current passes through a resistive carbon layer

• soft thermal background with air ionization effect and uniform heat

• therapeutic effect - warming the whole body using infrared waves

• suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, dust and allergens do not swirl in the air

• safe for children and pets

Infrared heating panels and their use

• primary and secondary heating, during permanent or short-term stay of people

• residential and industrial premises

• gyms, bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas and other rooms with high humidity

• for cottages and for camping

• on balconies and cellars

• use for motor transport

• for poultry farms and other livestock facilities

Technical parameters

• Size of the work surface of the infrared radiator: 0.5 m2

• Heating plate thickness: up to 1.5 mm

• Heating plate dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm

• Operating supply voltage: 230 V

• Maximum power consumption: 500 W

Heated area 8-10 m2

• Maximum surface temperature: 90 ° C

• Rise time to operating temperature: 30 s

• Operating mode: Long-term

• Panel weight: 1.5 kg

• Mounting type: Wall-mounted

• Protection class against electric shock: II



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