1. When the panel is turned on, the current panel temperature is displayed within 10 seconds. By briefly pressing both buttons ↑ ↓, the room air temperature is displayed.

2.4 A dot after the first digit indicates the panel temperature display

2. While displaying the panel temperature, you can use the ↑ ↓ buttons to set the maximum panel temperature from 0 ° C to 95 ° C (factory setting 80 ° C)
3. After 10 seconds after switching on, the instrument will switch to the current air temperature display mode
4. With the ↑ ↓ buttons you can regulate the room air temperature to 5 to 35 ° C (factory setting 22 ° C), at this air temperature setting the temperature flashes on the display.
5. When the ↑ ↓ buttons are pressed briefly, the panel temperature is displayed with the option to set the maximum panel temperature. After 10 seconds, the unit will switch to the current room temperature display mode
6. Press and hold both buttons ↑ ↓ simultaneously to activate / unlock the control buttons (child protection) - while the indicator shows: C1 - protection on, C0 - protection off. If the protection is on, the CH button appears for 5 seconds after pressing any button on the indicator.
7. Long press the ↓ button to deactivate the display illumination (night mode), while L0 appears on the display - the illumination is off. The display illumination only works in the setting mode, the display goes out 10 seconds after the last button was pressed. Switching on the display - press and hold the button until L1 appears on the display - the lighting is switched on.
8. The dot after the second digit indicates the panel heating status:

        24.     - ON         24     - OFF

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